Answer of your leaving message
Hi, we were Amaryllo retailers and now our customer has problem with Amaryllo iSensor HD Patio camera. It stopped working suddenly. Cameras doesnt react at all to anything. Warranty is not valid anymore, camera was bought 21 month ago. We have also second Amaryllo iSensor HD Patio camera that has exatly same fault. That seems like some factory defect. Our customer is very mad and demands that it goes to warranty repair although warranty is not valid anymore. What we should do? Can you please answer us to Br, Top Shot Oy, Helsinki, Finland

by Thomas

Dear Thomas, thank you for contacting. If Patio does not response to the hardware reset, yes, it is defective and needs a physical repair.
The out of warranty repair does cost some money which the customer must consider and justify if he/she wants it. We can not change the warranty status, so it is the customer to decide if a cross-border repair is wanted. Thank you for kind understanding.