Answer of your leaving message
I've had this camera set up before, but after moving it I can't get it set up again. I have it set up on a 2.4GHz and it beeps once when the QR code is in front of it and the blue light flashes and then it beeps three times and my phone gets a timed out message and I can't go any further than the QR screen. What am I doing wrong?

by Denise Frey

Dear Denise, thank you for contacting.
It sounds the procedure works good and correctly. For this 3 beeps result, we always check :
1. Reboot the wifi router one time
2. Reconfirm the wifi password
3. Ensure the phone connecting the wifi for the process
It sounds the camera function is still working by the description.

If you like to cross-check :
You may turn on the phone 4G/LTE wifi station sharing, use this phone as the wifi source. And, use another phone to do the installation. Once it is done. You may add the home wifi information in the app - setting - wifi list.

Thank you