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I have Basic Plan (free) and used to have facility of uploading recordings to my Google Drive.but have lost that facility. How can I get that back? thanks

2018-08-28 09:09:31****************************************
Thx for reply.
I have found in meantime that there were two problems:
1. for some odd reason the SC microsimcard was not working (which i replaced)
2. the setting of the UPLOAD STORAGE should be set at Continuous rather than Event (for Google drive) apparently

i understand reason 1 but not two i must say..say
but it seems to have been solved with that.

can you confirm that UPLOAD storage can not be set to Event only in case you want video uploads to your Google drive.


by wouter

Dear Wouter, thank you for the mail. Could you explain more for the problem ? After checking, the 24 hour Basic free plan shall be still in place. If needed, you may send screenshots or pictures to for our better understanding. Thank you

1. Yes. The SD card needs to be checked. If the card is not good, recording and
uploading will be very abnormal. 16/32G class 10, FAT32 suggested.
This is the tool for formatting if needed :
2. For either Amaryllo cloud service or personal Google drive, "upload method"
can be either by event (5 min/clip when sensor detects) or continuous (12
min/clip all time). Camera recording is 24/7.

Thank you