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I have 3 cameras (iCamPRO FHD - iCRa0ab2s; iSensorHD - iSSa0aa4c; iCAMHD D1 - iCMa0ix5e) on my old phone's Amaryllo App. I got a new phone and need to transfer the cameras to my new phone. I cannot find the QR codes for the cameras. How can I transfer the cameras?

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Those were great instructions. The process went smoothly without any issues. Thank you.


Dear RICHARD, thank you for the mail.

To share camera access with other mobiles
1.1 On the installed/old phone, go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin QR code, standby
1.2 Let the new mobile devices ( 2nd, 3rd ..... etc ), download the Amaryllo app -> Amaryllo app -> 1st page right bottom (shown below)
-> Retrieve access from installed device -> into the camera preview like screen, standby
1.3 Let 1.2 screen to read 1.1 QR -> Done in 1 second ( face to face )
( or, send the QR to another mobile to save in album. And, read this QR through same screen of ‘Retrieve access from installed device’
on another mobile (1.2) -> preview like screen -> select album ( remotely )
2nd, 3rd ….. mobile devices
To have the 2nd mobile device to access the same CAM, steps:

Thank you