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I have been charged 99.90US twice on Visa, Aug 23. I will contest the charges and have them reversed within 24 hrs. If there is reason for me not to do that, then please advise. My four units are inoperative and have not been installed for almost a year. They are too complicated to keep in service (my WiFi address update makes them inoperable). Although they are an excellent idea, I have become unhappy and discourage in their use. You do not have the privaledge of renewing an annual subscription withour opportunity for my review. I will fully contest it. 1 867 660-5511 canada Jim

2018-09-05 16:07:17****************************************
For the above A & B charges, I request (demand) reversal of these renewal charges and request that you totally refund the new charges that you made to my Visa that have in your files. I did not and will not authorise the renewal charges. Following this refund, I further disallow and decline your permission to ever use it again. Thereafter, I command that you stop and desist your use of my Visa and to destroy its data retreval.
I did NOT USE the services during the first term of the one-year initial charges. (that year's payment is not contested). However, you are not authorised to renew this annual fee because of the following impass: My devices were always, and to this day, off-line because of failed sync to WiFi password change. The four devices are far too dificult to remove, disassemble, reinstall, and place back in service. I own four devices and they are all out of service due to your design difficulty and my inability to understand/keep them in service.
Thank-you for your understanding and willingness to honour my request.
Sincerely, James Buerge

by James Buerge

Dear James, thank you for contacting and informing. Yes, we have checked the system that there are two charges toward to the last 4-digit of credit card is 7629 by auto renewal statement when customer registers the service:
A. iCRa0df6c / 2016-08-19 / / 30-day Unlimited FHD Video
Storage ($99.9 Per year)
B. iCRa0df6a / 2016-08-20 / / 30-day Unlimited FHD Video
Storage ($99.9 Per year)
However, it is prepay and partnership distribution charge,
which means, we receive the payment and we distribute it to all provider partners already. (like the cable/phone company payment system and flow … etc)
We won’t (cannot) cancel any account without the customer write us to do so officially ( in fact, we do not know if the customer needs/uses it at all ).
Thank you for kind understanding.
If you like to ensure there is no further any charge, please kindly provide the any invoices numbers or camera AMID for us to process the cancellation request at once by an email.
For the already paid service period, please consider to use it by all means with any Amaryllo products that we have the flexibility to adjust the services on the camera you appoint to. Thank you.

Besides the two cameras information we found, you like to have an official cancellation at once. (we will close it on Sep 07) Any others, please ? For the refund subject/request, again : we do not know at all if the customer use it unless we receive the information from the customer including any cancellation notice. It is written on the subscription page and also welcome letter right after subscription. Thank you for kind understanding.

For trouble-shooting :

Thank you