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It sure would have been nice to know there was a SD card "file system error." An event happened, and NOW, I AM LEFT WITHOUT THE RECORDINGS. Useless technology if the time you need it, it wasnt working, and hadnt been working/recording for over a month. (That's like buying a police radar detector and not plugging it in!) I'll digress my frustrations/anger if your company simply adds an alert for this error so WHEN this happens it is at least brought to the users attention via phone notification WITHOUT having to open the app. It only makes sense, RIGHT!?

2018-09-12 15:34:32****************************************
Thank you for the information. And thank you for understanding that everyone does not constantly open the app to see that exclamation mark within the app settings. Whereas the push notifications (alerts/motion/on-off) allow the user to be notified without the app having to be opened first.

Having the camera stop "working" without the users knowledge is critical for a surveillance class security camera.
Your competitors have this alert. You do not! Make it happen. At this time, I cannot suggest or refer anyone to your products knowing about this issue and if actions are not taken I will have to update my review blogs & videos. I am an original Kickstarter backer.

I replaced the SD card as it is probably close to end of life.

by Michael Weston

Dear Michael, thank you for the mail. Understand what you say and suggest. When this happens, the app shows an exclamation mark on the setting icon on the sliding toolbar of app homepage. We will check if we can also turn it to a reminding or notification by design team too. Thank you. (Please replace a 16/32G class-10 SD card to help the camera recording again - the old one's life ends to the camera)
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