Answer of your leaving message
iCRa0bx6b Can't get this working on our phone again. We tried QR and direct and nothing happening. We reset the button, unplugged the device, took the memory card in and out. The blue light is on. The camera is not searching
Please advise and thank you! The device is the icam Pro

by bruce lashley

Dear Bruce, thank you for the mail.
Please do the hardware reset again and let us know which step goes wrong.

If hardware reset does not recover the camera, please try the last method below:

A. Please must use this tool to format the SD card on PC

Rebuild the firmware from the external SD card :
This is a manual re-build firmware procedure for your reference (recovery and cure rate is more than 90%)

Download file

Power off the camera :
- Uncompress/unzip it to ROOT directory of a MicroSD card [PC->SD] ( one
folder and one file )
- Insert the card to the camera
- Plug power cord of it (power on). CAM will auto detect the codes in the Card
(a beep) to do the update ( blue light is on )
- Wait till front blue and green leds are blinking. (About 2-3 minutes)
- Unplug power cord
- Take card out
- Plug power cord again and the blue led will keep blink ( waiting for
installation )

Installation: , If you are successful, please erase the card for normal use.