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Dear Sir or Madam
I disconnected the camera last week because I wanted to install it inside another location and it has been off line for about 2 days. When I tried to install the camera in the new location only the blu light comes on, there is no flashing and after about 20-30 seconds the camera goes back into sleeping mode. I can please solve this issue? Thank you.

2018-10-17 08:18:08****************************************
I did try to push with a little pin for about 5 seconds the reset hole under the camera but to no avail.

2018-10-17 10:02:51****************************************
If a buy a replacement camera can I have a discount?

by Andrea Vitale

Dear Andrea, thank you for contacting. Thank you for the mail. It does not sound good.
If the blue led is always on and the camera does not response to the hardware reset, it may have the hardware inside defective requiring a physical repair as the end. You may justify if you want a repair later.
Thank you for kind understanding.

Reply by a mail for ticket 2499 and 2500

Reply by a mail for ticket 2499 and 2500