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What version of SMB are supported by iCam HD? 1.0? 2.0? 3.0?


2018-10-22 05:19:03****************************************
My nas supports all of them but the issue is on the device(the cam/app) that wants to read/write on them. I want to disable smb 1.0 so if icam doesn't support 2.0 or even better 3.0 i am forced to keep 1.0 active(with all the security consequences that stems from that). Can you kindly verify with your tech staff?

by Matteo Saitta

Dear Matteo, thank you for the mail. As far as we know, there should be no difference among these generation. Supposedly, SMB 3.0 can support all client devices which are 2.0 and 1.0. You may inquire the NAS company to double confirm it. Thank you

Thank you for kind explanation. Our tech do not know it, sorry. Would you like to give it a try by deactivating one by one ? If any result, we will look into it deep.