Answer of your leaving message
Trying to get more than 1 iphone to share control

by Ben Rhoads

Dear Ben, thank you for the mail.

To share camera access with other mobiles ( incl. changing a phone )

1.1 On the installed phone ( 1st : old phone ), go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin QR code, standby
1.2 Let the new mobile devices ( 2nd, 3rd ..... etc ), download the Amaryllo app -> Amaryllo app -> 1st page right bottom (shown below)
-> Retrieve access from installed device -> into the camera preview like screen, standby
1.3 Let 1.2 screen to read 1.1 QR -> Done in 1 second ( face to face )
( or, send the QR to another mobile to save in album. And, read this QR through same screen of ‘Retrieve access from installed device’
on another mobile (1.2) -> preview like screen -> select album ( remotely )

To have the 2nd mobile device to access the same CAM, steps: