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Indication on 2nd device states -"Error device has been reset or reinstalled", instruction you sent earlier do not match my iPhone Amaryllo App displays. How do I add a 2nd device (iPhone) using the AR3 camera. Please do not send video links to instruction that not related to my device.

1) Ok this works, 1.1 On the installed phone ( 1st : old phone ), go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin QR code, standby
2 Does not work) video link, 1.2 Let the new mobile devices ( 2nd, 3rd ..... etc ), download the Amaryllo app -> Amaryllo app -> 1st page right bottom (shown below)
-> Retrieve access from installed device -> into the camera preview like screen, standby

The 2nd iPhone does not have the button to access "obtain usage of camera from another phone". Please send instruction that are not ambiguous and are related only to my AR3 device and App.

by Ben Rhoads

These are the correct steps for a 2nd mobile phone to get the camera access from a camera installed mobile phone. Let's try it again

1. Does you find the Admin QR code in the 1st camera installed app - setting ?
Seems yes from the reply
2. For 2nd mobile phone. Remove and re-download the Amaryllo app. Open the app,
on the 1st installation page of app. Click on "Retrieve access from
installed device" (not any model listed) and scan the QR code from item 1

Please kindly let us know which step goes wrong with screenshots to Thank you