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I have two ISensor HD both were working fine, but this device has not dowloaded the videos. It makes the sudirectory with the date on the name of the folder but inside the folder there is no information.
I waited several days to see if there was a delay downloading but files do not download to google drive. I have enough space in the google drive, also it seems there is no problem with the internet connection (I´m able to see the camara live with no problem). I also have stoped recording and started recording, but nothing happens. Is there any way to downlod the videos form the 4GB memory of the camera I need to download a video from Oct 20. Please help.

2018-10-24 08:55:25****************************************
Tere is no history on the timeline...
What should I do?

by Luis Antonio Beléndez

Dear Luis, thank you for the mail. Not sure what happens there now.

1. Could you see the recording history by the 'Timeline' on the live view screen
? This is the content of SD, this is to check if the camera does record.

If there is the recording history, then, we can study why it does not upload to cloud drive later. If there is no recording in the SD, it has nothing to upload which means the camera memory may be defective already. Please kindly check it.

Thank you

It does not sound good. If the app- setting recording is on, status shows 'recording', but SD card usage is not moving and there is no video in the timeline, it means the memory inside the camera may be defective already. You may use the app - setting to format it for 1~2 times to see if any change. If no, it is defective which requiring a physical repair or a new purchase. Thank you for kind understanding.