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For some reason, I am not able to turn on/off privacy mode and therefore, I am unable to view the live feed. This has happened recently and I have tried resetting the camera, but that does not seem to work. The app on the phone used to have a red circle with a line through it when the camera was in privacy mode, but this is no longer the case and is greyed out, regardless of the setting. When I press the privacy button, the app "seems" like it's turning it on or off, but I cannot tell. Either way, I am unable to turn o the live view.

Please advise.

Thank you!

2018-10-25 11:17:42****************************************
Hello, Here are your answers.
1. iPhone with latest iOS
2. App version 4.3.10
3. I took a few screenshots and sent them to the email above with the ID 2507 in the subject line. The screenshot shows the error when I try to view the camera "Error Device is in privacy mode". As I mentioned in the first email, it does not show it's in privacy mode and I tried switching it back and forth, but that resulted in the same error message.

Thank you

by Scot Busby

Dear Scot, thank you for contacting.

1. May we know if it is an Android or iphone ?
2. Here is a checking reference video for you (app:1.8.18/firmware:4.3.10)
3. Any short video or screenshots to for our better understanding is valuable

Thank you