Answer of your leaving message
want to buy the mounting base only because two of mine are broken
also can i view it via computer instead of phone because i can't find the password of the camera

by Wong Yat pang Devin

Dear Devin, thank you for the mail.
1. Yes. It is US$15/per(incl. shipping). Let us know if you are interested.
Support the web live view (WebRTC) / Here are the steps for you:

A. In Amaryllo App – under MISCELLANEOUS – Viewers list -> + -> Name the viewer name -> Select Browser (Multiple)
-> AMID/Passcode generated
[ View only, no administration right at all for both App and Browser users /
multiple means different computer to log in / single means only one can access ]
-> get the AMID/Passcode
B. Go to
Add a camera -> input AMID and Passcode -> Done ( this page can be added up to 8 cameras, FYI )

Thank you