Answer of your leaving message
I installed my camera fine and everything was working perfectly. I had to unplug the camera and now it won’t hook in to the internet again. Tried reinstalling and also reconnecting to the internet but the blue light just stays on and nothing happens ie. I can’t get the blue light to start blinking to do a reinstall or revert to factory settings. Hence it Won’t scan the QR code either.

2018-11-08 09:23:57****************************************
Hi. Thank you for your reply. My guess is the camera is defective as I have tried everything to no avail. Could you please tell me where to send it back. Do I send to the place I bought it or to you. If so what is the address please.

by Alison Parslow

Dear Alison, thank you for the mail. Understand. For Patio, if the camera does not response to the hardware reset (reboot->auto-rotation) even by exchanging a AC and USB cable to try, then camera may have an internal key component defective requiring a physical repair. If interested, please kindly send a mail to to justify and consider. Thank you

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